Monday, February 11, 2013

follow me

someone you know is a leader waiting to happen.

they may not know it themselves, but they're just the kind of person that other people really want to be around, emulate, admire.  it's like that cool kid who doesn't much care if you like him, because hey, he has friends that don't mind it when he dorks out for fun.  they never planned on being a leader.  they never schemed to get to the top.  they just have a charisma that won't let them hide in the shadows.  they have a sense of integrity that won't let them stand by and do nothing.  they have a joy for others that makes them important because they know you're important, too.  they may as well stop fighting it - where they go, others will follow.  so make them get the tools to do it well.

every day is a syk day.

Monday, February 04, 2013

neat-o journeys

someone you know is going on an adventure.

are you jealous?  you might wish it were you, or hope that they fail and land right back where they were before so that you can tell them all about icarus in a roundabout way.  you might need them to stay where you are because you're afraid they'll forget you.  so what?!?  get outta that and get on board with their new exploring.  do some exploring of your own.  bring back the best (and worst) parts of your own adventure and you'll have something to laugh about with them.  whether it's an adventure going over geography, moving through time, or expanding other horizons, jump on and enjoy the ride.  even if it's uncomfortable, as most journeys are sometimes, it'll be awesome.

every day is a syk day.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

stage fright

someone you know goes silent in the spotlight.

why are you staring at them?!?  but seriously, just remind them to breathe.  we all have to talk to someone at some point in our lives.  whether it's a whole lot of someones, or even a small group of them, knowing that people are looking to you to know what to say is nerve racking.  if they're a leader, they can put a nut in the joints.  if they're a comedian, they could fall flat. if they're in a speech class, they could look up and see people picking their noses and sleeping in the back.  whoever said to imagine everyone in their underpants was wrong for sure.  ewwww.  but we all have to go through the firing range on any given day, cut them some slack and be patient.  above all... just. breathe. in. and. out.

every day is a syk day.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


someone you know is about to compete.

give them some encouragement.  don't let them be afraid to win or to lose.  let them know you're behind them.  even if you think they can't possibly win, be in their corner so that if they don't win, they can still have the chance to feel awesome afterwards.  tell them they're a rock star.  make sure they know how cool they are to be giving it a shot in the first place.  after all, they could just sit on the sofa like a lump.  but they're not a lump.  they're putting themselves out there and they want to go for it.  find a way to enjoy the competition, no matter what happens in the end.  it's how you play the game, but it's also how you act after the game has been played, you know.

every day is a syk day.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

your mirror

someone you know reminds you of yourself.

is could be the way they walk, or they way they fall out of a chair by accident, or the way they move their mouth as they read.  you can find yourself in things that you love and things that really bug the crap outta you.  different versions of you come and go in your life, maybe when you don't expect it or even want it.  esoteric as it may sound, sometimes you relate to another version of yourself when you don't even know the person.  how do you relate to yourself when you is someone else?

every day is a syk day.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

blank page

someone you know is a writer.

they may only do it for themselves, and it may be difficult to get them to share it with you.  they may do it for a living.  they may have to write reviews of spatulas to pay the bills, or maybe they get to help other people learn all the tricks that make them think about what they're writing.  sometimes they're the one who doesn't talk much, but you know they have a lot to say.  sometimes they're the one who talks all the time and you give them a pencil just to shut them up for a while.  in any case, they have something to say.  or maybe it's you who has something to say, so say it.

every say is a syk day.

Monday, December 10, 2012


someone you know took a cyber-vacay.

work, phone, email, posting, ding, ding, ding, beep.  there are times when people just need to leave it all for a little while and be with people in real life.  as has been noted by the teens in a studio recently, it's a HOO (hanging out online) versus HIRL (hanging in real life) kinda world, and rarely shall the two converge.  try leaving your phone at home and going out for the afternoon, just to hear what it's like to operate without the dings and beeps for a few hours.  see what life is like in real life for a day... then you can report back to your online peeps.

every day is a syk day.